Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Soup Sunday@ Start The Bus

Hot Soup Sunday at Start The Bus.... the sock monster workshop was great fun and just look at what can can be done with a load of old socks. Brilliant!!! I can't wait for the next one... which will be the sunday 11th of July by the way. There'll be a new workshop and the same great tunes from Martipants and Rusty Bugger.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Music inspires art tour

Here's a few pics from the Beck's Vier 'music inspires art' tour. Hot Soup House is working with Squeaky Hill on a weekly creative art and fun night that is touring the country. Dj Cheeba is headlining the event with his audio visual set of nostalgia and greatness. We have celebrity spoon making competitions and squeaky games, made even more colourful with the the Music and Video set made by Russ Henry.... Tonight is the last stop in the north with Nottingham, so for the coming weeks we're in southern soils, have a look at facebook/Becksvier for tour dates.

Hot Soup House at Upfest

This is the piece we did at Upfest last week end. By Paul Arsecott, Femka Djong and Russ Henry - it's a pizza, hot dog, soup making machine of course!!! We had a great day down at the Tobacco Factory making this and there was some great artists down there doing their thing. Shame that the pictures didn't come out too nice as the sun was in the wrong place! Bloody sun!!!