Monday, May 24, 2010

Hotsoup @ The Southbank Center

Hotsoup hosted our live music, live art night at the newly refurbished Southbank center on Dean Lane, Southville. The great band BooBirds played..... lots of drawing went on... and we made full use of the skittles alley in the back. It was a great evening.... It looks like the next might take place on a boat.... how exciting!!!!!

That was eyjafjajallajokull!!!!

Eyjafjallajokull was an open studio, interactive exhibition created by Hotsoup and You.

The Show - Your work

All of the work created by you on the interactive center piece was little more than genius, this is just a small selection of the masterpieces. Thanks to everyone who got involved.

The Show - our work

Here is the selection of our work form the show.... from the top is; Sarah Dennis, Sarah Dennis, Lawrence Hassan, Russ Henry, Amy Rhian and last but certainly not least Mike Oshea.