Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spirit of the forest - Eristoff party

Eristoff 'spirit of the forest' experience created by Hot soup and Squeaky Hill. Mask making workshop, walk around, visual and audio experience in the forest at this years Snowbombing Festival.

Day of the Dead, backcountry party @ Snowbombing 2010

Hot soup worked with Squeaky Hill on another event at this years Snowbombing festival. Day of the dead themed party at the backcountry party in the mountains of Mayhofen.

Snowbombing 2010 - 200% rave up

Hot soup worked with Squeaky Hill to create a rave style party experience at this years Snowbombing festival in Mayhofen, Austria.

Snowbombing Rally - driven by Volvo

Hot Soup worked with Squeaky Hill to create a series of pit stop, fun, interactive games for the Snowbombing 2010 Rally. Pictures here are of extreme apple bobbing, duck hunt and drag racing.

Box Wars shoot - Robots Vs Dinosaurs

Robots Vs Dinosaurs Box Wars championships....
Art direction By Russ Henry. Created by Russ Henry and Lozz Hassan

Visuals created in Flash

Robots Vs Dinosaurs @ Show Du Silly

Robots and dinosaur cardboard creations. Interactive decorations created by Russ Henry and Lozz Hassan. The night ended with our giant robots crowd surfing to Shelanagig. Brilliant.

Jardin Ballon @ Show du Silly

Experience and set created by Lozz Hassan, Sarah Dennis and Russ Henry for Show Du Silly at the Lanes, Bristol.