Friday, August 6, 2010

Paradiso, but Paradisco would be better. @ The Big Chill

A few of us from Hot Soup House had a load of fun working with Team Love again at Big Chill. We re-used the pineapple from Glastonbury but reinvented it as giant, pineapple cocktails, we made some lovely Team Love letters and we were away. Can't wait to get back to The Big Chill tomorrow to have some tropical party adventures in the Paradiso tent.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Soup Sunday@ Start The Bus

Words, images, scissors and glue.....
Hot Soup Sunday is every second Sunday of the month at Start the Bus. Every month we think up a new workshop which you can get busy with after enjoying a lovely roast.
This month our friends at mighty miniature book space gave us some books to play with. Cheers Rich.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sarah Dennis solo exhibition @ Here Gallery.

19th to the 24th of July is your chance to see some new works by the incredibly talented illustrator Sarah Dennis. Sarah has created mixed media images based on 'catching the big fish', combining beautifully hand cut collage with hand drawn and digital techniques. I can't wait to see what imaginative characters and magical worlds she has created.

WOW! tent @ Glasto with Team Love.

Only just recovered from an amazing time at Glastonbury. Some of us at Hot Soup House were lucky enough to work with Team Love to create the set, decor and signage ( including the outside pineapple d.j booth) for the WOW! Here's a few pics of the magic that happened. Feel the love!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Soup Sunday@ Start The Bus

Hot Soup Sunday at Start The Bus.... the sock monster workshop was great fun and just look at what can can be done with a load of old socks. Brilliant!!! I can't wait for the next one... which will be the sunday 11th of July by the way. There'll be a new workshop and the same great tunes from Martipants and Rusty Bugger.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Music inspires art tour

Here's a few pics from the Beck's Vier 'music inspires art' tour. Hot Soup House is working with Squeaky Hill on a weekly creative art and fun night that is touring the country. Dj Cheeba is headlining the event with his audio visual set of nostalgia and greatness. We have celebrity spoon making competitions and squeaky games, made even more colourful with the the Music and Video set made by Russ Henry.... Tonight is the last stop in the north with Nottingham, so for the coming weeks we're in southern soils, have a look at facebook/Becksvier for tour dates.

Hot Soup House at Upfest

This is the piece we did at Upfest last week end. By Paul Arsecott, Femka Djong and Russ Henry - it's a pizza, hot dog, soup making machine of course!!! We had a great day down at the Tobacco Factory making this and there was some great artists down there doing their thing. Shame that the pictures didn't come out too nice as the sun was in the wrong place! Bloody sun!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hotsoup @ The Southbank Center

Hotsoup hosted our live music, live art night at the newly refurbished Southbank center on Dean Lane, Southville. The great band BooBirds played..... lots of drawing went on... and we made full use of the skittles alley in the back. It was a great evening.... It looks like the next might take place on a boat.... how exciting!!!!!

That was eyjafjajallajokull!!!!

Eyjafjallajokull was an open studio, interactive exhibition created by Hotsoup and You.

The Show - Your work

All of the work created by you on the interactive center piece was little more than genius, this is just a small selection of the masterpieces. Thanks to everyone who got involved.

The Show - our work

Here is the selection of our work form the show.... from the top is; Sarah Dennis, Sarah Dennis, Lawrence Hassan, Russ Henry, Amy Rhian and last but certainly not least Mike Oshea.